Use the techniques and tools of modern improv theater to become a better intrapreneur or entrepreneur!


Lose the fear of starting your own business


Practice public speaking and presenting


Develop your business case


Discover your target group and what value you bring to them


Develop your founder personality

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Improv theatre has been a successful stage and art form for years. Find out now what it can do for you and your company!


What's your favorite buzzword?

Agile, VUCA, New Work or change processes – these are all terms that show how much the world is changing and how complex it is becoming.
Impropreneurship is your tool to deal with it.


Tested and approved in the field

Impropreneurship consists of practical improtheatre and active entrepreneurship. Both are practice-oriented and complement each other perfectly. We will show you how.

Impropreneur - also within the company

No matter whether you are alone, in a team or within a company. Our impropreneur approach offers opportunities to address typical business challenges.

Our Services

What do you need right now? Depending on your entrepreneurial phase, we offer you coaching, training or consulting – all from a one stop shop.


Are you stuck or can’t see through the trees? Coaching helps.


A professional coach can also help you if you are stuck as a team.


Impro theatre for your team culture, as stage training or for personal development.


Incorporation, innovation and strategy for SMEs – all this is possible with impropreneurship.

The book

Get to know the first book that uses impro theatre for your business. Whether you want to improve yourself as an entrepreneur or train employees in your company, here you will find the concepts. For now only in German.

Buchcover Impropreneurship

Now at Springer Gabler


Impro for beginners and professionals

Impro theatre is both a form of culture and a practice method.
Get to know the tools, exercises and techniques that the great world of impro theatre can offer and use them to your advantage.



Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship

An entrepreneurial spirit and a corresponding mindset are valuable for many people – including employees and managers.
Learn how impro theatre can help with this.



Discover New and proven exercises

In the book you will find many proven impro exercises. However, we have also developed a whole series of new exercises that are specifically designed for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs and pool the numerous possibilities of impro theatre.



How do active players use improv?

The book is based on a survey that we conducted among active improvisers throughout Germany.
We concentrated on those who are not artists in their main profession and asked them about the benefits of improv for their working life.

Best Practice

The Team

This is us – Göksen Meine and Florian Sußner.
What we share is an enthusiasm for improtheatre and a love of entrepreneurship.

Göksen Meine

Göksen Meine

Trainer, Coach, Actress, Start-up Consultant

Göksen loves to be inspired: by exciting people, ideas and stories.
And she loves to excite and enthral other people – be it in presentations, trainings or conversations.
Her favourite topics are courage, creativity and spontaneity.
More about her can be found on her homepage.

Florian Sußner

Florian Sußner

Coach, Trainer, Actor, Start-up Consultant, Author

Florian deals in his work on improvisation, storytelling and entrepreneurship. He is always looking for new ways to connect them with each other. Especially when it gets interactive and participative, he feels at home.
More about him can be found on his homepage and his blog.

We’re on stage!

We have both been active for years with our respective groups: Göksen with Volle Möhre, Florian with 6aufKraut.

But there is also the two of us on stage. Experience our new English format, Wheel of Life and Death in Nuremberg!

Wheel of Life

Cards of Destiny


All in English

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